HealthConnect Grants

HealthConnect Grants support Mid-Iowa Health Foundation’s commitment to illuminate and address systemic issues that impact children's health. We seek to fund system-level strategies focused on social determinants of health, so that Greater Des Moines children and families have equitable opportunities to thrive. Scroll down to learn more about our grant priorities.

Apply for a Grant

Grant Priority Areas

Conversations with our community and analysis of research identified these critical components for healthy development that we, as a community, must work to provide for all children. We want to hear ideas that will improve the well-being of children and families by cultivating opportunities in these areas:

Nurturing relationships

Children need attachment with parents and caregivers within healthy, thriving families. Examples of areas grant proposals could address include:

  • Healthy, supportive relationships in families and environments
  • Family emotional well-being
  • Social-emotional well-being and sense of safety and value

Safe, stable environments

Children need positive relationships with peers and adults in the community and equitable places to live, learn, and play. Examples of areas grant proposals could address include:

  • Healthy consensual interpersonal relationships
  • Safe and healthy built environments (neighborhoods, housing, access to food)
  • Family economic stability

Supportive communities

Children and families need access to quality care and support and to know that they matter to others and their community. Examples of areas grant proposals could address include:

  • Access to health care, mental health care, and supportive services
  • Quality early care and education environments with wrap-around support for children and families

Approach to the Work

Systems-level solutions, driven by those most impacted by issues and that lead to equity, are needed to improve the health and well-being our community's kids. Grant proposals should consider opportunities to CONNECT in these ways: 

The voices and expertise of those directly affected

Decisions that impact their well-being and dignity

Initiatives driven by the community and those most impacted by challenges

Existing assets and resources

Data and research

Meaningful action

System-focused policies and practices

Collaborative and equitable approaches implemented with cultural humility


Knowledge that children live in families and families live in communities

Decision makers

Greater understanding of root causes and solutions