18 HealthConnect Fellows to advance system changes to improve children’s health

18 HealthConnect Fellows to advance system changes to improve children’s health

Eighteen fellows have joined Mid-Iowa Health Foundation’s HealthConnect Fellowship for a second 18-month phase focused on building a network of advocates to lead system changes that improve children’s well-being in central Iowa.

“For all children to live healthy lives, we need to address root causes that can lead to poor outcomes,” said Suzanne Mineck, president of Mid-Iowa Health Foundation. “Often those issues are created within the systems that surround our kids. This fellowship invests in professionals who can leverage their expertise and relationships, and work together as one network, to create policy and practice changes that will positively and equitably impact the health of our children now and in the future.”

Six fellows who joined the HealthConnect Fellowship in fall 2017 will continue their work. They have invited an additional 12 fellows with demonstrated expertise and commitment to addressing barriers to children’s health.

Each fellow will work to achieve a specific system-change goal in areas including children’s mental health, homelessness, unsafe streets, and disparities in accessing quality health care. Each participant will receive a $15,000 award and national-level training, along with mentoring and networking opportunities.

For a complete list of fellows and the issues they are working to address, view this document.

“This fellowship is about investing in our community’s human capital by giving health advocates a chance to grow their skills, innovate, build connections, and lead this challenging work,” says Libby Jacobs, Mid-Iowa Health Foundation Board Chair. “Witnessing the professional development of the fellows in the first phase provides the knowledge that an amazing group of advocates for children and health has emerged from this program, and we look forward to elevating that network in the next phase.”