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For additional social determinants,
health, or health funding information, please try the following websites:

Social Determinants of Health Resources

Centers for Disease Control


Background on SDOH, data, tools and policy resources.

Stanford Social Innovation Review


Health equity strategies are reviewed.

The Commonwealth Fund


A business case for addressing social needs in a healthcare setting.

RAND Social Determinants of
Health Interest Group


Understanding the Upstream Social Determinants of Health.

Adverse Childhood Experiences
(ACEs) Study resources

Click Here for the continually growing Iowa ACEs 360 website containing updates on what is happening around the state of Iowa and the nation related to ACEs. From this site, consider joining ACEs Connection, and the Iowa Group within ACEs Connection to receive regular updates about work to prevent ACEs and build resilient children, families and communities.

Healthy Polk County, IA


Includes health priority and planning information for Polk County, Iowa.

Iowa Department of Public Health


For all state health resource information.

Healthy People


Contains national initiatives and health priorities.

Center for Disease Control


National health resource information.

Institute of Medicine


Health research and reports to help leaders make informed decisions.

Foundation Center


Contains a comprehensive listing of foundations, priorities, application information, and additional resources.

Grantmakers in Health


Has information about health issues and successful grantmaking strategies.

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute


Resources for using Results Based Accountability framework to measure improvements in communities.

Invest Relationships, Invest Communities,
Invest Health
Using time-tested relational organizing practices, AMOS will build and strengthen relationships among neighborhood institutions and residents working together to identify solutions and act to improve the health of children and families in Des Moines.

New Foster Care Clinic at Blank Children's
Regional Child Protection Center
Connecting the child welfare system and specialized and trauma-informed health system, the goals for this project are to improve the health and well-being outcomes for children in foster care, to promote stability of children in foster care, and to support and educate caregivers.

Fuel Up First Breakfast Program
Fuel Up First uses a cross-system approach to transform the lives of students at East High School. Activities include a hot breakfast program that reduces hunger and builds positive, supportive relationships between students, local police, and community members.

Scavo Full Service High School-
Trauma Informed Care

Scavo will support the unique health needs of students through the development of a trauma sensitive educational environment. Increasing staff knowledge and skills, and revising school policies as needed to focus on resiliency and strengths of students, we will create the supportive environment necessary to attain improvements in academics, attendance and behaviors required for academic success.

Implementing Sexual Health Policies and Programs in Schools to Improve Student Health Outcomes
The goal of the program is to build the capacity of school systems and communities in central Iowa to fully support their young people to make healthy, empowered, and knowledgeable decisions about their sexual health and relationships. This support will help ensure students learn, stay in school, and graduate which are critical determinants of lifelong health.

Ending Youth Homelessness in Polk County
This collaborative project will bring together up to 40 partners, led by Iowa Homeless Youth Centers and the Continuum of Care Board, to develop a comprehensive plan to solve the community-level challenge of ending youth homelessness in Polk County.

Creating Stability for Children of
High-Conflict Divorce

Understanding the implications of toxic stress and childhood adversity on developing brains, this project brings the voice and needs of children into the judicial system through advocacy for children of high-conflict divorce. The project will decrease children’s exposure to toxic parental conflict, strengthen family relationships, and connect families to needed resources.

Health Education Collaborative
The Iowa Department of Human Services (IDHS) contracted with managed care organizations (MCOs) for Medicaid Modernization, moving Iowa toward risk-based managed care. Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) aims to improve quality and access, promote accountability for outcomes, create a more predictable and sustainable Medicaid budget.  The IME  RFP obligates MCOs to contract with local public health.  This IPHA webinar series addresses what this means for Iowa's public health system and how public health/safety net providers can leverage this to improve population healthThe goal of this project is to create a dynamic, multi-lateral Health Education Collaboration to explore and address social determinants of health that impact STI rates and sexual health issues in Polk County youth.